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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Noon PT / 1 MT / 2 CT / 3ET


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If you’re like most business owners, your desire for freedom is hardwired into your psyche. You could get a job with a fancy title, a lucrative salary, and comprehensive benefits, but the desire to call your own plays has led you to the road less traveled. 

However, starting a company may not be enough to facilitate the freedom you imagined. Just because you’re the boss, that doesn’t mean you are liberated from demanding customers or needy employees undermining your freedom. 

For that level of independence, you need a strategy that helps you to create a business that can generate the kind of income you need to fund the lifestyle you aspire to have and give you the time to live it.

What You Will Learn During This Free Virtual Training:

Secret #1

Discover the 3 types of Business Owners and how that is determining the direction of your business!

Secret #2

The one kind of revenue that can triple the value of your business!

Secret #3

How to recognize when you've fallen into "The Owner's Trap" and the strategies and mindset to pull yourself out!

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Your Trainer

Michele Mere is a decisive, driven, and committed entrepreneur who helps successful business owners expand, duplicate, sell their companies and make big profits using the Value Builder systematic approach to measure and improve the value of a business.

Michele’s business expertise has been highlighted during her speeches at Harvard and on NBC, CBS, Fox,, and She is a Stevie Award-winning business consultant, best-selling author, and the Founder of Decisive Minds and Bottom Line Bookkeeping Solutions.

She is a serial entrepreneur who knows how it feels to fail miserably at business; at one time, the bank called demanding their $1.5 million, and she knows how it feels to sign the contract to sell her company for $9 million. 

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