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Private One-on-One Coaching for Entrepreneurs

That Are Building Real Businesses

Dear Decisive Entrepreneur,

A few years ago I was at the end of my first year of Decisive Minds. I had spent almost $75,000 to start this business and that year I had made a whopping $12,000 in sales. I was sitting in my parents home when my dad, the man who taught me everything about building business, said.... 

"What makes you think this is a viable business?" 

It was a hard reality check. 

I had to stop and look at what I was doing. What I realized is that I didn't have a plan. I was trying any and every idea that came across my computer. I was listening to multiple webinars a day. I was flipping back and forth - I think they call that Shiny Object Syndrome. 

What was wrong with me? After all, I know how to build business. I had spent a lifetime building and selling businesses. Only 4 years earlier I had sold our family trucking company. I realized that I just needed to do in this business what I did in all those other businesses.  

It dawned on me that I needed to become my own client. 

First step - commit to how I was going to make money (commit being the imperative part). 

Second step - figure out how I was going to get seen in this industry. 

Third step - learn how to get my ideal prospects to hire me. After all, I can't help them until they hire me.

I started doing exactly what I tell my clients to do and guess what - It Worked! 

The next year I did over $100,000 in my business and within 4 years I had my first $500,000 year. 

Now I want to share with you what I learned about making money, getting seen as an expert and  better than that - getting new clients to hire you. I know you have thought about it - the pride in knowing you are building a successful business, the confidence to tell others what you do and the excitement of knowing your business is supporting you and your family. 

I want to invite you to join me and let's get your business where you have dreamed it could be and BEYOND!

To your business success,

Michele (Scism) Mere

"Successful entrepreneurs are willing to do what others are not!"

Michele (Scism) Mere

Introducing the.....

This program is an 8-session private, Non-Cookie-Cutter, program that is designed to help you create an individual written plan that you will have confidence in and be able to easily implement. This is not a one size fits all coaching program. 

It's designed for anyone who knows that the fastest and most profitable way to build your business is to get clear on how you make money and to master a few marketing strategies that will have you be seen as an expert in your industry.

More important than that - it is for those who don't want to do this alone. You value the ability to work with a business coach privately to design an individual plan for your business.

Now For Only $2,997 

or 3 pymts of $1,097 

90 Day Money Back  Guarantee!


I Finally Found the Coach For Me!

"Before I started working with Michele (Scism) Mere, I had a lot of knowledge about marketing my business but did not know where to begin. With the guidance and accountability built into the program, I was able to break even on my investment into the program within months. I've had more success with this program than with any other mentor program or course I have purchased."

Pat Iyer , Helping Businesses Succeed

Who Is It For?

  • Entrepreneurs who have been looking for an economical way to work with a PRIVATE coach !
  •  Entrepreneurs who are having a hard time staying committed to their plan! 
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to be seen as an Industry Leader! 
  •  Entrepreneurs who care and want to make a difference in the world! 
  •  Entrepreneurs who are coachable and know that what they have been doing won't take them to the next level! 
  •  Entrepreneurs who are looking for a personalized plan - not the cookie cutter average plan!

Any of this sound familiar?

What does the Decisive Business Accelerator include?

Wanting to be successful doesn't make you successful. Making Decisions and Taking Action does!

This program is a private one-on-one coaching program with Michele (Scism) Mere that focuses on making the decisions you have been avoiding and creating a comprehensive plan for the development of your business.

During Your 8 Session Program

We Will Develop Your Comprehensive Business

Plan Covering These 5 Business Areas

Small business planning

Get clear on who you work with, what you do for them and how you work with them.

Small Business Marketing

Design a 12 month revenue plan and budget. Getting clear about where your money is coming from and where you are spending it is how to build a profitable business.

Small Business Marketing

Create a marketing plan that will not only drive prospects into your business but also help others to see you as an expert in your industry.

Small Business Marketing

You don't have a real business until you have sales. A sales plan requires getting clear on conversion in your business and understanding how to have a successful sales conversation.

Small Business Marketing

You don't have a revenue, marketing and sales plan, it's time to look at what systems have 

to be set up in your business to 

implement those plans.

Now For Only $2,997 

or 3 pymts of $1,097 

90 Day Money Back  Guarantee!


If you aren't sure if this is the program for you, request a conversation with Michele.


This Strategy Works!

"The list building strategy that Michele and I decided to do this year were quarterly challenges for my company. So far, SO GOOD. In 5 days I have increased my list by 300 and my social media is blowing up!!! Thanks Michele Scism YOU ALWAYS KNOW BEST!!!"

Valorie Hubbard,

Product Success Secrets

Michele's Systems Work!

"I started my career in a sales and marketing position and I was great at it. Always made my numbers! And then, in 2002 I started my own business. Whoa! Feels a lot different when I am selling myself and telling others about my services. It actually felt "icky." I managed somehow to stay in business for 13 years doing very little or with no sales strategy and very few sales calls.

And then I met Michele (Scism) Mere three years ago and found out what was really possible for my business. All I had to do was make sales calls for 15 minutes each day. Michele's system helped me learn to feel the fear and do it anyway, and with confidence that icky feeling went away. With Michele's coaching and support, I learned to see the value in what I offer to my ideal clients and to see possibilities for them when they work with me to get noticed and be known. I am seeing amazing growth in my business and I love sharing the results. Thanks Michele!”

Sandy Lawrence,

Now For Only $2,997 

or 3 pymts of $1,097 

90 Day Money Back  Guarantee!

And you have nothing to lose because you can....

Take a Full 90 Days To Put Us To The Test With Our Iron-Clad, Money-Back Guarantee!

If the "Decisive Business Accelerator" program doesn't produce a business plan that covers revenues, marketing and sales ... if it doesn't take me by the hand and show me step-by-step what I must do... or if it fails to help me keep my sanity during the entire process, then I understand that I will receive a full refund. No Questions Asked!
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